Top 6 Tips for a Car Crash Cash Christmas!


No.1 Check all savings accounts and bank accounts to see exactly how much cash you can trash. No.2 Open up a credit card – make sure it is one with a nice high-interest rate with a whole load of credit available. No.3 Go shopping online and spend as much as you can on unwanted presents [...]

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80/20 – The Money Conundrum


I have recently launched a programme for people who really want to get their money in shape but for some reason, they haven't. It is clear that some of the reason is just a gap in their knowledge - which is easily fixed. Other contributors are lack of time and not seeing it as a [...]

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How to Save £100


Saving is an interesting thing. For some it is easy but for others, it seems just something that other people do. An impossible dream. There is a popular view of people who don’t save for the future as lacking in self-control.  I believe, however, that it has less to do with self-control and more to [...]

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Financial Freedom and Financial Independence is yours for the taking…


Financial freedom and financial independence are commonly written about today. But in my experience, for most people both FF and FI seem unattainable and just something that is for "other people" and not themselves. Well, this is the thing. I have never been a big earner, neither has Neil. Yes, we have been given some [...]

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Stop Showing Off Frances!


“Stop showing off Frances!”.  The words hit me like a brick.  I jolt to a stop, hang my head in shame and back towards the door.  Once outside, huge tears roll down my reddened cheeks, whilst I try to work out which feeling is the strongest – humiliation, shame, or anger.  Humiliation takes first place with shame coming in [...]

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How would you like to have total control of your money?


How would you like to have total control of your money? How would it feel to be conscious and aware of all the money movement in your life? Can you imagine what it would be like, to put your head on the pillow tonight, knowing exactly where you are financially? But not only that, to [...]

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Made Redundant at 13….


Many young people in Cheltenham are feeling the let down by being made redundant around now. Why? Because the Gloucestershire Echo, the local paper, is closing down much (or maybe all) of the deliveries. These keen school age workers were prepared to get on their bikes and work delivering papers for the princely sum of [...]

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University Students in the dark…..


University Students in the dark….. A university student told me today that he had no idea how to look after and manage his money and neither did his friends. My response was, well why should you? Nobody has taught you have they? He looked relieved. University students all over the country, and probably the world [...]

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Damn Credit Card Debt – but why are we such ready slaves?


The total UK credit card debt in January 2017 was £66.7 billion. That works out to £2470 per household. For a credit card with the average interest rate of 18.9%, it would take 25 years and 10 months to repay if only the minimum repayment was made each month. This would start at £59 per [...]

Damn Credit Card Debt – but why are we such ready slaves?2017-12-15T19:04:25+00:00
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