Top 6 Tips for a Car Crash Cash Christmas!


No.1 Check all savings accounts and bank accounts to see exactly how much cash you can trash. No.2 Open up a credit card – make sure it is one with a nice high-interest rate with a whole load of credit available. No.3 Go shopping online and spend as much as you can on unwanted presents [...]

Top 6 Tips for a Car Crash Cash Christmas!2017-12-15T18:59:27+00:00

80/20 – The Money Conundrum


I have recently launched a programme for people who really want to get their money in shape but for some reason, they haven't. It is clear that some of the reason is just a gap in their knowledge - which is easily fixed. Other contributors are lack of time and not seeing it as a [...]

80/20 – The Money Conundrum2017-12-15T19:00:49+00:00
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