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Another Money Help Review


Fanny Snaith - Certified Money Coach has just received another glowing testimonial: “I have much gratitude to Fanny for helping me find the tools needed to stop procrastinating & get moving on my new business. I had already taken some bold steps to change my life but was stuck solidly for over a year, without [...]

Another Money Help Review2020-06-16T06:29:02+00:00

Robert Kyosaki’s Fake- how true are his views?


If we all did what Robert Kyosaki told us to do – who would mow his lawn? I have recently read Robert Kyosaki’s book Fake. I already read Rich Dad Poor Dad a long time ago and, on the whole found it a great read with some great motivational advice. He talks of how to [...]

Robert Kyosaki’s Fake- how true are his views?2019-09-30T09:17:10+00:00

But I am an accountant….


He asks for a business card. He is talking to me in a very quiet voice and seems to be blushing. "I listened to what you said and feel ashamed to say that I could do with your services" I hand him my card and let him know that I would love a chat with [...]

But I am an accountant….2019-08-01T09:08:47+00:00

10 Reasons Why Looking After Your Credit Score Is Important


10 Reasons Why Looking After Your Credit Score Is Important Fraud is rife.  Checking your score monthly will highlight any odd behaviour Because you may need to borrow some money one day either for a mortgage or other big ticket item When applying for a job, employers often run a credit check to see how financially [...]

10 Reasons Why Looking After Your Credit Score Is Important2019-07-08T19:45:52+00:00

The Secret to Getting Rich


The secret to getting rich is to live below your means. It is a very unexciting fact but it is as simple as that really. If you are currently not living within your means, what can you do to either cut your expenses or increase your earnings? Working with people on their budgets (I prefer [...]

The Secret to Getting Rich2019-01-17T14:58:01+00:00

Tom’s Money Comes Alive!


Tom's Money Comes Alive! When I started working with Tom he had £15k of debts that had been building up over ten years.  His credit score was shot to bits as he was defaulting on his mortgage and credit cards regularly. He was very unhappy with his financial situation. He felt hopeless and powerless. We [...]

Tom’s Money Comes Alive!2019-01-17T21:22:23+00:00

Knowing Your Net Worth – the Most Valuable Golden Nugget of Information, We All Should Have….


This week I needed to provide a detailed statement of my Net Worth. This is a statement showing all my assets (the things I own) and liabilities (the things I owe), which when one is taken away from the other, gives the net worth figure. The bottom line figure of where I am financially. Being [...]

Knowing Your Net Worth – the Most Valuable Golden Nugget of Information, We All Should Have….2019-07-08T19:42:27+00:00

University Students in the dark…..


University Students in the dark….. A university student told me today that he had no idea how to look after and manage his money and neither did his friends. My response was, well why should you? Nobody has taught you have they? He looked relieved. University students all over the country, and probably the world [...]

University Students in the dark…..2019-01-17T21:57:02+00:00
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