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Loving Me Loving My Money

Getting you in control of your money – taking control of your finances and watch your savings grow.

With the current Covid 19 crisis more people than ever are paying extra attention to their finances. Times are changing, and the need to be able to manage our money with confidence and build a buffer of savings has never been more important. Practical money skills seem much harder when the mindset is out of balance – holding us back from being able to look at our money without feeling shame, guilt fear or anxiety.

Loving Me, Loving My Money is THE course where you’ll work alongside a group of like-minded women to explore your feelings around money are focused on with even more importance than filling in the spreadsheet!

This course will tell you how to GET IT and KEEP IT

Loving Me, Loving My Money

Fall back in love with your money

My Money Makeover

Change how you think and feel about money whilst learning from others in your situation.

My Money Makeover is a 10 week online course designed for anyone and everyone who wants to change how they think and feel about their money and, ultimately, what they do with their cash. Join in with our group Q&A sessions and learn from others, whilst also using your own experiences to help everyone else develop. Weekly Zoom sessions will keep you on the right track alongside video exercises and practical financial tools, including my much loved Money Mapping System. Rekindle a healthy, positive relationship with your wallet and your bank account.

Couples Money Bootcamp

Couples Money Bootcamp

Financially comfortable together

Money is the number one issue that couples fight about.

We tend to spend our money on things we value but if we have different values and different spending habits

– that will cause disagreements.

This course will help you to understand how YOU BOTH think and feel about money.

What you value and why.

With this new understanding, you can work together to create Money MAP (Mindful Action Plan)

Financial intimacy is real and once you find it, you will take your relationship to the next level.

This course will tell you how to GET IT and KEEP IT

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How I work

You can work with me on a bespoke one to one basis, as a couple, or within one of my small group online courses or workshops. I can tailor my coaching to fit around your lifestyle, experiences and background. Our sessions are available online or face to face, with social distancing measures always put in place.