Fanny Snaith is a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® who was trained by Deborah Price, the CEO of the Money Coaching Institute. She is also a qualified Couples Money Coach and a certified Business Archetype Coach. But you wouldn’t just choose a money coach based on a list of qualifications and certificates. Fanny’s expertise is also down to her breadth of experience across the industry and you can read more about her achievements and collaborations below.

Books I’ve Contributed To

I am incredibly proud to have contributed my thoughts on money mindset, and how to achieve a healthy relationship with our finances, to three books:

Financial Freedom explained by Kizzi Nkwocha, is described as the essential guide to financial freedom. It’s a phrase I like to use a lot for clients who have reached that comfortable stage in life where they’ve gained control of their finances and are worry free. This is a practical, jargon free book that’s easy to understand.

Retire Inspire by Andrew Priestley, is a must-read for anyone thinking about retirement. Together with 22 other expert contributors, Andrew looks at how to retire well with a feeling of satisfaction. It’s packed full of smart cuts and great advice.

Fit for Purpose by Andrew Priestley features my thoughts on how we relate emotionally to money. 20 other experts share their thinking and advice on health, relationships, best practice and emerging trends. It’s a great one for business leaders and is an international best ranking #1 book on Amazon.


I am a huge fan of podcasts as a tool for spreading the word about how to get a healthy money mindset and planning techniques, and to help more and more people understand their relationship with their finances better. You can listen to many of the podcasts I have appeared on below, and if you would like to speak to me about appearing on your podcast just let me know.

Public Speaking

Are you planning a larger scale employee or networking event? As an experienced public speaker, I can bring lively debate, basic financial education or a gentle and comfortable introduction to financial success to your team, with a charismatic and empathetic approach.

Your employees or members will each have a different money story, with some more confident than others. Some may even find managing their money stressful or difficult, but won’t have the courage to do something about it. Public speaking events with a financial focus, give everyone a chance to learn together, in an open coaching manner without stigma. Helping your employees to gain clarity and confidence with their own money, a feeling which often seeps into their wider home and working lives.

I am very pleased to be a partner and the official financial coach for borofree, an ethical salary advance solution with zero fees. Like me, borofree is looking for ways to “solve the debt of the UK market’s vulnerable and transform their relationship with money.” I will be running financial wellbeing webinars for employers and their teams, to help employees understand their money patterns and behaviours and empower them to grow and empower their attitude to money.

Borofree says, “Our goal is to support people get access to salary advance that is zero interest when they need it most, give them a sense of possibility, transform their relationship with money so they can gain financial confidence.” I couldn’t agree more! Together we are committed to better understanding the meaning and purpose of money in our lives.

Join me on LinkedIn

Connect with me on LinkedIn to join me for my regular Lunchtime on LinkedIn interviews, the aim of which is to open up the often taboo topic of money. These regular shows are a first step towards helping your own money become the helpful tool it is meant to be. You can listen to a number of past shows on my YouTube channel.

OYE likes to simplify complicated matters. He has a wealth of knowledge about debt and how to get out of it as painlessly as possible. OYE is here to help everyone with everything money.

Known as the Wealth Guy, Jason Butler is head of finance at Salary Education and an accomplished writer for the Financial Times. Find out how he got to the level of success he finds himself today. Wise words for us all.

Sixteen year old singer songwriter Wren talks about her money world, her hopes and dreams and how she cares for the planet.

Tracey was brought up on a council estate by a wonderful mum with great values. Spin forward to 2021 and Tracey now finds herself the MD of Bristol Waste, managing a budget of £40m.


I am very proud to be able to say, I was part of the first ever Webinar broadcast on Money Dashboard in 2019, bringing the concept of money mindset and mental resilience to financial planning through the Coronavirus pandemic.

I have been interviewed as an expert in the Mail on Sunday, and am the resident money coach columnist for my local Cheltenham Post. Regularly reaching more than 10,000 readers with my financial mindset and planning tips.

I have also been featured in the Express and Glamour UK and provided tips on money mindset and management.

I have also made many guest appearances on BBC Radio Gloucestershire and came second in the 2020 BBC New Voices for Gloucestershire finals. Expect my radio show very soon!