Magician – How to wake him up

In some of my other blogs I have been describing the eight money types and showing you how they are used to really help people discover, understand and then work through blocks that keep them from the level of financial success they desire.

I am the type of money coach that focusses on mindset before even mentioning numbers.   I believe that mindset and our approach to money is responsible for at least 85% of whatever it is we need to be financially successful.  Of course, the practical bit is vital, but if the mind is in battle with the process, the struggle will show itself for sure.

I meet lovely people from all walks of life and career – even accountants and IFAs, who struggle with getting to grips with money and they have no idea why.  Taking time to listen to their money stories and discovering subconscious behaviour – which of course they aren’t aware of, really helps to uncover patterns that repeat over and over. 

A common pattern is getting in and out of debt.  Another example of a subconscious pattern is when we work hard to achieve something, only to have it all fall to pieces just before the success bell rings – this is one of mine!  It happens over and over again – but why? 

My job is to work with my client to find that out.  I always introduce and use the money types. I learned about them and how to use them whilst studying with the Money Coaching Institute in the US.

The eight money types are a set of fictional characters (archetypes) who all behave very differently around money.

So far, you’ve been introduced to the Innocent, Tyrant, Warrior, Fool, the Martyr and the Victim, and the Creator Artist.   The final money type is the one we all would like to be active in our lives 100% of the time, the ideal money type – the Magician.

Before I continue, have a go at the Money Type Quiz on my website. Focus on thinking about money and tick the words that apply to you and money.  Try not to do a big brain dump – stick to thinking about money. It will give you a snap shot of which money types are showing up for you right now.    When you get the results, know that the money types are not WHO you are, but WHERE you are.  So, if you get high percentage Fool for example, it indicates that you are showing traits of the Fool, you are not a Fool per say!

An active money type gets a score of 50% and above.  The Magician and Warrior money types are the ones that we want to be active but the Magician.  It is also good to have an active Creator Artist too but not over active!   Most of the money types have positive and negative features, but not the Magician who has only positive traits.

Here are the Magician’s money characteristics:

  • PSpiritual
  • PWise
  • PConscious
  • PUnattached
  • PCompassionate
  • PTrusting
  • PGenerous
  • PLoving
  • PFluid
  • POpen to flow
  • PLives in the present
  • POptimistic
  • PConfident
  • PFinancially balanced

Becoming a Magician is not just about having more money.  Becoming a Magician is a journey of discovery exploring your relationship with money and noticing how it helps you, hinders you, or distracts you from living your life purpose and reaching and experiencing your full potential.

Your life purpose may not be about becoming a millionaire – in fact if your purpose is simply to have a lot of money, you are likely to be disappointed as happiness is rarely found in simply wanting money.

The Magician will be aware of all the other money types traits and will have noticed when each popped up in his life – which they all will from time to time!

Being a money magician, you would know that your stresses and fears around money can be alleviated by thinking a little more deeply around the challenge and then working it trough to a better outcome.  

The Magician is the money type that helps the Innocent to feel more secure and shows them that by learning and knowledge the fears and worries around money will likely diminish with knowledge and confidence. 

The Magician tells the Victim that it is time to say goodbye to the story of woe that is keeping them stuck in an unhelpful place.  The Magician points out to the Tyrant that life is not all about money and that if being alone is his biggest fear, then being generous and nice to people will help him feel better!  The Martyr would get a well-earned rest as the Magician points out that it is wise to look after yourself first before others moneywise.  When the Fool is about to part with his last few quid, the Magician will pop up and tap him on the shoulder and check if the transaction really IS a good idea!

Our Magician needs to be awake and alert at all times.  The Warrior and Magician when awake work together as a formidable team. 

So how do you awaken your Magician?  Ask questions – all the time.  My clients are encouraged to ask themselves – “Which Money Type is driving the car right now?”  if it is not the Magician or the Warrior – then it is time to wake them up and ask them for help.  

Why not try it yourself and find your Magician?   Take the money type quiz first and see what comes up for you.  Read the descriptions of the money types carefully.  If your Magician score is low, work out which type resonates with you most that day and then ask how the Magician could help.  The Magician is the money type of faith, trust and balance.  Your Magician is within you – he just needs finding and poking into action!  

Here is an example – your business is not making the amount of money you want it to.  You don’t know why but your bank balance is really playing on your mind – your main focus.   Your Innocent is telling you that you are crap and that you can’t fix this, your Victim is looking at your competitors and telling you that is it not fair, you would be doing well if only………  Your Warrior is asleep in the corner as you sit there and stare at your screen.   You ask your Magician for help, he perks up.  You tell him that your Innocent and Victim are rampant, and you need help! 

He begins to ask you questions – what are you doing to get customers?  What are you NOT doing to get customers?  Are you providing a product that your customers need?   How long do you have financially before you are in REAL trouble?  Who can you ask for help? Slowly you start to find some answers, and a little confidence – then maybe an idea comes to mind.  Yes – that will work!  Then the Magician says – time to wake the Warrior!  He’s the money type of action – you need him now. 

Your Innocent and Victim have moved away.  Your Magician and Warrior have taken over. It is up to you to keep encouraging them to drive your financial life. 

Using the money types takes practice. Daily Money Type action works – I promise – so put it on your daily goals sheet and keep going! 

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the 8 money types.  If you haven’t read the other 7 blogs about the money types, please do.  If you would like a chat about your quiz results please do feel free to book a free consultation with me.  You can do it directly here: