Women invest money better than men

It was really interesting to read that the female clients of Hargreaves Lansdown have outperformed the men with their investing.

I meet women who are really “on it” with their money often, and I love seeing how empowered they are having so much confidence with their cash.

2018 seems to be THE year for women. We have the #metoo campaign that seems to be growing in strength. Equal pay is being addressed at the BBC. England, Scotland, and Wales are all lead by women currently as is Germany.

Christine Lagarde is the MD of the International Monetary Fund and has been since 2011 and we have just seen the anniversary of gaining the vote for women. Amazing success.

I also meet women who are not so confident with money. Harbouring financial fears that are so strong that they hold them back from many things – not just money related issues.

Women invest money better than men

If you are reading this and you have fears around your finances, could I ask you to maybe make a coffee, and ask yourself – what exactly is it that you fear?

Then ask yourself – what exactly are my beliefs about money, and are they really true?

Just because you believe them – it does not make them true. They may have never been true, or maybe they are just not true anymore.

Maybe you don’t really understand where your beliefs come from? This is quite common, as we form many of our beliefs from experiences in childhood subconsciously and consciously. Your most trusted belief source during childhood were your parents. If they told you that this food is toast and the sky is blue – you would believe them. When everything else around you supports this idea, it turns into a strong belief.

If, however, you were told that the sky is green, that money doesn’t grow on trees, that you are stupid, that rich people are horrible, that you will never get a good job, then you will grow up believing this too. Also, it doesn’t always have to be said either – just for the child to feel the though perceived by the parent can be enough.

Negative beliefs will not serve the 2018 Woman! Constantly challenging them and exposing them to their opposites will go a long way to changing your beliefs forever.

My work this year is to help as many women as I can become confident and empowered with their money. This IS the year of the Woman. This is the time for YOU!

When you want to empower your money self and need me to take you on your journey to financial success, please contact me NOW on 01242 584252 or complete the form at:MONEY EMPOWERMENT NOW.

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