I have recently launched a programme for people who really want to get their money in shape but for some reason, they haven’t.

It is clear that some of the reason is just a gap in their knowledge – which is easily fixed. Other contributors are lack of time and not seeing it as a high enough priority.

In 10 days my three amazing Fearless Financial Freedom Fighters have saved £3803! Part of this saving is made by focussing on credit card interest payment, switching and juggling to get them down to the absolute minimum. The saving can then be thrown at other debt for even more savings. They have saved on mortgages and by, simply not spending. They are learning to see money in a different way.

I am so happy to see these lovely people get on board with my programme and I will be continuing to help and support them for the remainder of the 10 weeks that it runs.

I will run the FFFF programme again and again, with the aim of helping as many people as possible change the way they look at their money forever.

But my heart is also seeking those who are just not ready to join us for number bashing, or confidently call providers to haggle a deal. I know you are out there. Feeling emotions like shame and embarrassment about money. Feelings that have been with you for so long that you may believe that they will be with you forever. You may be a chronic over-spender. You may feel that there is just never enough to go around – especially for you. It may be something completely different that holds you in the vice of money freeze.

If this is you, the one who feels uncomfortable talking about money. The one who feels that you will never be a success with money – then please know, you are not alone and there is help for you.

Being ‘good’ with money is not all about the practicalities – it is about 20% in my opinion. The other 80% is all about money being heavily linked to emotion – and for some, those emotions are heavy indeed. Each and every one of us has a money story – and all are different. Whatever your story is, no matter what beliefs you have related to money that holds you back from “just doing it”, they can be changed.

Working through your money story, looking at where you have come from and who has influenced you during your childhood reveals the sources to the beliefs, patterns and behaviours you have now. We absorb so much as children – observing and then forming opinions which we believe to be right of course – but many often aren’t. Never were. But here they stay in our adult brains – serving only to keep us back from fulfilling our true potential – not only financially but in so many other ways too.

So if you are not a number basher, nor confident to strike the next great deal to get those finances in line – don’t despair.

Money coaching is an affordable way to change your money life forever. You are given the time and the space to explore and discover why you are how you are with money. You can speak freely without judgement, in a safe, confidential space. Why not call me for a free consultation? There is also a Money Type Quiz on my website which will give you an indication as to where your relationship with money is today… why not give it a go? It is free and confidential.

You never know where it may lead….

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