He asks for a business card. He is talking to me in a very quiet voice and seems to be blushing. “I listened to what you said and feel ashamed to say that I could do with your services” I hand him my card and let him know that I would love a chat with them. “you see I am an accountant” he laughs nervously. “who could believe that I am not great with my money?” he continues.

I smile warmly. “Have you ever talked about your relationship with money?” I ask. “No” he replies looking a little puzzled.

Accountants learn about money. Other peoples money. It is all about the numbers – columns, debits and credits, balance sheets etc.

The thing is, our money more to do with emotions and beliefs than simply numbers. What we believe, carves out our reality. If we have beliefs that don’t serve us – they limit us. Ridding ourselves of limiting beliefs around money starts with becoming aware of them.

I quoted the following limiting beliefs to the accountant in front of me:

Money is the root of all evil. Money is not that important. Money is there to be spent. I’m just not good with money. My family has never been rich. You have to work really hard to get wealthy. It’s selfish to want a lot of money. Either rich or happy.

He stood there nodding at me whilst beginning to smile.

His trade is irrelevant when it comes to money. Have you ever met an unfit doctor or nurse? Of course. Money, health, fitness and self-love are all affected by how we think and feel. Not simply our education or profession. Our beliefs are formed way back when we were little. Many are subconscious and we simply see them as normal.

If you feel ashamed, angry, guilty or frightened to talk about money – please reach out to someone for help. Reaching out for help is the first step to change.

Top of the list of advice for improving your money situation is to take a look at your mindset. Your attitude towards money is creating your financial reality – your profession isn’t. On my website, I have a Money Type Quiz

money advice help

. Why not take it and see what shows up for you?

If you have an issue with money and you need help with empowering you to be able to control your financial situation, please ring me now on 01242 854252 or email info@fannysnaith.com or complete the form at Contact: Contact Qualified Money Coach fanny Snaith

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