Financial freedom and financial independence are commonly written about today. But in my experience, for most people both FF and FI seem unattainable and just something that is for “other people” and not themselves. Well, this is the thing. I have never been a big earner, neither has Neil. Yes, we have been given some in inheritance, but even if I was to take that away, we would still be able to achieve both FF and FI. The most important phrase that has rung in my ears for years is – pay yourself first. That means, put money aside before you even know you have it. It doesn’t matter how much – as small grows.

I know interest rates are crap at the moment, but even if they are, saving some is better than none. Watch it grow and as it does, you can learn how to help it grow faster, by being interested in your money – your future. So if you are not currently saving, open an account today – there are some (with rules) that pay up to 5%. That is more than inflation so, there is absolutely no reason not to. Ask yourself, if you think you cannot afford to, what have I bought recently that I did not really need? How much was it? – and there is your first deposit….. Go on – work towards financial independence – it is only a long way away if you leave it un-started….

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