Decide to have a great money day, before you get out of bed.

Decide to have a great money day, before you get out of bed.

Before you do anything – look at your clock, stretch or throw back the covers…… or hit the snooze button, think about what kind of day you want. Sure, you can’t always control what happens but you can control whether you react….. or respond.

Money is so often blamed as the reason for making something go wrong or putting us in a bad mood. It may be a mistaken charge, or a parking ticket, an unexpected bill. Whatever it is, decide that you are going to respond positively to it.

Yeah right! I hear you say – but think about it. If you are overcharged for something, rather than trotting off in a rage, try negotiating and putting your case calmly to effect the refund. If you get a parking ticket – did you park illegally? Can you appeal? or is it a case of taking it on the chin and moving on?

Sure, things happen to us, they happen all the time. I am focusing on money (as a Money Coach), but really when ANYTHING happens that makes us respond negatively – take a step back, Breathe. Then YOU decide how you will respond to whatever it is that has got to you.

Blaming money is silly – how can a tool take the blame?

You can get angry, blame, money,  yourself or others, or you can accept it as an experience that happened. Realise you can make learn lessons and maybe make changes, to avoid future experiences like this… But – NEVER give up!

Positive works so much better than negative – every time.

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