Money management is hard for some. Tech is hard for me – really hard. But what does “really hard” mean?

Money management is hard for some. Tech is hard for me - really hard. But what does really hard mean?

When someone tells me that they are “rubbish with money” I ask them – “what do you mean?” – the answers vary, but rarely does the answer tell me that they are rubbish with money.

Learning how to use our basic tools is easy. Basic money is easy. Basic tech is easy. The “hard” comes from how we feel about it emotionally. This is where the resistance comes it – it is not that we are not clever enough to learn, it is that we a choosing not to – using the excuse that it is “too hard”.

2019 is all about change for me and upping my game. I spent 2018 fannying around (I am allowed to use that word), allowing things to hold me back or worrying about whether what I produce is perfect etc.

Well enough of that – time to get real.

So today, in the first week of Jan I decided to take my “tech is too hard” head on. I decided to discipline myself to sit down at the PC and work out how to create a landing page for a download from my website. Panic set in. How do I do this? Then I put my coaching hat on and coached myself…

Q. How do you eat an elephant Fanny? A. in bite-sized chunks

Aaah – so I break the project down into tasks. This is how it listed for me:

Write a document to download – Fanny’s Top 10 Money Tips for January 2019 – don’t spend too much time on it making it “perfect”.

Format it so that it looks nice. I wasted too much time on this and ended up outsourcing it using someone on Fiverr. She did a great job in 20m and charged me £4.86 – Job done.

Created a landing page on my WP website. Slow but managed to use another one as an example.

Created a form in Active Campaign (cribbed another one) and step by step changed the bits I needed too.

Put doc in Dropbox and linked it up (with the help of Active Campaign). Stunning service from them.

Tested it. It works!

Shortened the URL using Bitly – so easy. I already had an account that I had forgotten about.

Noted down the process so that I can do it again!

Tada! The sense of achievement is wicked! I am smiling like the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland. Years I have wanted to do this. For years I have resisted – and for what? As it turns out – nothing! Because it was easy really – easy when you know how.

So for those of you who are telling yourself that you are “rubbish with money” – you aren’t – you are just resisting. There will be a good few reasons why which probably need to be outed at some point, but for now – try “really hard” at putting on your warrior boots, sit down and download my new document and JUST START!

Here is the (shortened) link:

If you really can’t (or won’t), then money coaching is for you.

If you have an issue with money and you need help with empowering you to be able to control your financial situation, please ring me now on 01242 854252 or email or complete the form at Contact: Contact Qualified Money Coach fanny Snaith

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