Many young people in Cheltenham are feeling the let down by being made redundant around now. Why? Because the Gloucestershire Echo, the local paper, is closing down much (or maybe all) of the deliveries. These keen school age workers were prepared to get on their bikes and work delivering papers for the princely sum of 6.5p per paper.

My daughter was made redundant this week. She was promised 1.5 weeks wages – she was chuffed with that actually. However, my daughter is 16 and is looking for a new job anyway. Some of the other delivery boys and girls are feeling very down and will miss their weekly wage packet.

For those of you out there who have lost your jobs delivering the Echo, I want you to know that I applaud you for being so resourceful, finding a way to earn your own money. Please don’t be disheartened by this blip in your early working life…. Keep going. You will find something else because you have already shown that you are keen, driven and want to take responsibility for your future….

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