Money Coach, Fanny Snaith’s thoughts on an exotic holiday.

Money Coaching Fanny Snaith thoughts on an exotic holiday

“You won’t approve but I am going to Florida at Christmas”

This is what a friend said to me last week. Eh? Why would I not approve So I asked him what he meant?

“Well, you are the money person who stops people spending aren’t you?”

Nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, I will pipe up when someone is being silly with his or her money but finger-wagging is not the money coaching game at all.

Conscious spending is where it is at. Opening the credit card statement as a journey of discovery of what was spent over the last month or so is not conscious spending.

However, booking a holiday on a whim when you are already in debt is nuts.

My friend’s trip to Florida has been paid for upfront. He has saved for the past year and the cost will not leave him with an eye-watering balance and fees on the credit card. Fantastic.

If he had said that he and his partner had had a really bad year and the family deserved a lovely holiday and heck to the cost, I would have offered to talk it through. Asked him questions to help him balance his decision now with how the consequences of the spend would feel in January. We would go through the figures, work out all options available and facilitate a conscious choice rather than a blundered into approach to the holiday.

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