Tom’s Money Comes Alive!

Tom's Money Comes Alive!

When I started working with Tom he had £15k of debts that had been building up over ten years.  His credit score was shot to bits as he was defaulting on his mortgage and credit cards regularly.
He was very unhappy with his financial situation. He felt hopeless and powerless.

We started off with weekly sessions doing some deep work around his relationship with money. We discovered that he subconsciously put himself last with everything. This was shown in a pattern going right back to when he was small. Looking at the pattern we also saw why.  When this was revealed and recognized, we could put strategies in place to end this pattern.  This gave space for new patterns and habits to be practiced and formed.

We Money Mapped (the budgeting system that I have designed), shifted debt around, worked on his credit score, worked out a debt repayment plan, whilst also saving to prevent sabotaging the new plan. We also worked on the profitability of his £100k+ business turnover.

He told me “I am breaking the bonds of my negative mindset – I can feel it and it feels brilliant”

Next, I took him through is monthly figures and breathed life into them by showing him how each figure mattered and had consequence.  He saw that money flow is constant – it changes from month to month.  Like energy – it never stands still.  We worked with the figures seeing that some areas of his spend were lower than expected, whilst some things had not been planned for at all.  We noted that this was ok and all part of life.  Each month, Tom is now able to see how and where his money flows and understands that it is an ever-changing dynamic.

We then worked on setting money aside for events in the future – Christmas and holidays for example.  Setting money aside each month avoids a panic, a drain on savings or the sabotaging of paying off debt when the event needs paying for.  It also meant that it would not end up on the credit card.   Small and slowly Tom is building a pot of money I call the Bunker.  An account that is used for periodic expenses.

Next will be building assets so that he can feel that he is building a firm financial foundation to secure his future.

I love helping people become financially strong.

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