No.1 Check all savings accounts and bank accounts to see exactly how much cash you can trash.

No.2 Open up a credit card – make sure it is one with a nice high-interest rate with a whole load of credit available.

No.3 Go shopping online and spend as much as you can on unwanted presents for anyone you can think of, but make sure that they won’t be delivered in time for Christmas.

No.4 Realise No3. and go out and buy replacement presents – preferably more expensive ones because you are in a hurry now and don’t have much time.

No.5 Forget to cancel all bought in No.3. If any do arrive, make sure you don’t send them back.

No.6 If travelling by coach/ train etc at Christmas, please make sure you buy your ticket on the day so that you can benefit from the top prices charged.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!

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