University Students in the dark…..

University Students in the dark…..

A university student told me today that he had no idea how to look after and manage his money and neither did his friends. My response was, well why should you? Nobody has taught you have they? He looked relieved.

University students all over the country, and probably the world are battling to keep their finances in check during their study years. The students that are not bothering to battle, are heading down the road to struggle street quite rapidly.

For those that have the confidence to speak out, like my brave student this morning, well done for piping up!

As adults and their seniors, we have the responsibility for showing them the way – for it is much harder for them than it ever was in “our” day. And if you question me on that, let me point out a few differences…

Firstly, many of us received grants and did not have to pay for our college or university education at all. I went to college (Uni years) from 1983-1985. I lived in London and my rent was £20 per week inclusive! No, that is not a typo. Surely, it is impossible to find anything with a rent of less than 3 figures these days?

I was also lucky enough to receive a generous grant towards living expenses. With a small top up from my Dad and a part time, no pressure job, my college life was financially sound.

Payments on plastic are the norm nowadays. Yes, we had credit and debit cards, but we were very heavy cash users. Cash was such a great way of budgeting as you could actually see how much you had left to last the week. That does not work with a credit card. Spend money, get the statement, work out how you are going to pay it back. Interest added more than likely – slippery slope in view. So invisible too.

As the Financial Freedom Fighter, I am passionate about these young people gaining knowledge and confidence around their money. I am hoping to have the opportunity of heading to the local Uni to help the students begin to understand how the money minefield works. Hoping to help put as much financial damage limitation in place as possible, prior to their finals.

There is all the info they need out there on the internet but without helping them onto the first rung of the ladder, it can be just too daunting for them. My request to you is to help any young person you meet. Ask them if they need any help with knowledge around finance. Give them your time. A small gem from you can make a huge difference to them. If you have the knowledge please share it. If you feel that you don’t have the information yourself to give – please start to learn. Maybe giving me a call is the first step?

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Thanks for reading…

So if any of this article resonates with you, please take some action today.  Just something – however small.   Come and join the Money Mastery Club could be it!

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