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Go From Being Trapped in Financial Sh*t to Becoming Great With Your Money (Even During These Tough Times)

Are you ready to finally gain control of your money and your life, this time for good, in just 10 weeks?


My Money Makeover
(Cash Crisis Edition)

A powerful 10-week group journey that will take you from “Oh, sh*t” to “Thank goodness!” with your money management...without judgement, overwhelm, mumbo-jumbo or stress.

May 18th - July 30th

Perfect For:

People Who Have Been Hit by COVID and

People Who Have Always Struggled With Money

+ anyone who wants to finally feel comfortably in control managing their money

Stop worrying about what to do with your money at each stage of the month. Breathe more easily with a clear plan.

Understand and redirect your money drivers so that they serve you, naturally, with less stress and more success.

Escape the overwhelm of not knowing which way to turn financially, with a new frame of reference and routine that keeps you safe.

Learn to love your money instead of being afraid or unmotivated to look at it. Learn to treat simple money tools like your favourite app.

Start saving your way out of debt knowing that you are on a sustainable path that you can actually maintain.

Stop feeling embarrassed or ashamed about money. Our private group will keep you confident and encouraged.

My Money Makeover Is Simple, Powerful & Supports You 100%

“In a few short months, Fanny has gently guided me from conflicted and controlling around my money to feeling a lot more at peace with it."

I now have a simple system to keep an eye on spending and income and a whole load more understanding around where my money beliefs stem from and how I can help set my children up to win around money as they start to earn and spend themselves. 

If you’re looking for someone to support you in sorting out all your money stuff, I can highly recommend Fanny’s coaching.

What’s more: it’s fun!”

SM - Manchester

"For the first time in a long while I feel excited about my financial future."

It took a lot of courage for me to approach Fanny, but I felt at the end of my tether, just continuing a downward pattern that deeply affected my confidence and health as well as my marriage! I didn’t know where to turn, but knew I had very little left to lose! Even just mentioning money made me shake uncontrollably and have cold sweats!!!

I am yet to finish my journey, but at seven sessions in I feel like I have developed my financial baby wings, and have a smile with it… something I wasn’t sure was ever going to be possible, let alone in such a short time!! 

Fanny gives me a safe haven to bare my financial soul, the encouragement to add to my knowledge and confidence, and the kick up the a** I need to reach out and practice my new skills! I feel empowered to continue my new journey, and for the first time in a long while I feel excited about my financial future. I plan to soar like an eagle before too long!

Rachel A

"Fanny is very easy to work with and I can’t wait to work with her again."

“Fanny was great at helping to understand my behaviour with money and highlighted the most important things for me to focus on to move forward.

She also sent me the tools I need to make a start. 

This was all in my first call. Fanny is very easy to work with and I can’t wait to work with her again. Thank you so much!”

Annie R

"A complete contrast to the anticipated beasting I was expecting..."

"I was guided to explore & examine the relationship & beliefs I've held regarding money & security since my earliest memories, and the information gained is provided in a clear, powerful, interactive method."


"Fanny will be a money mentor in my life for many years to come.”

“I booked my course with Fanny, with a certain level of inquisitiveness, “Do I really need this…aren’t I already successful? I’m already good with figures..” were some of the many questions I was asking myself.

However my life was also at a distinct financial turning point, and Fanny’s wisdom was invaluable. She allowed me to face up to and discuss the money characteristics I had battled with since child hood, and more importantly accept them.

This awakening offered me insight into parental traits I had picked up, and allowed me to address the concept of heading into the future with a clearer, happier vision of my relationship with money.

Fanny will be a money mentor in my life for many years to come.”

Simon B

My Money Makeover Is Designed & Priced to Help the People Who Need It Most

Firstly, this program will take you from “Oh, sh*t” to “Thank goodness!” with your money management...without judgement, overwhelm, mumbo-jumbo or stress.

I can say this with 100% certainty and integrity because it's based on years of teaching and coaching over 3,000 students and clients to make major shifts and improvements in their money management and their lives.

However, if you're one of the many who have been hit hard financially over the past year, or if you've been struggling with your money situation for some time, I know that money is tight, and yet you really want to get your money situation under better control, where you can face each new day and sleep better at night.

I hear you and want to help. And I want that help to be as powerful and fast-acting as possible. So I've created  My Money Makeover from the core elements of my highly popular 'Loving Me, Loving My Money' program. And to make it even more affordable, I'm making My Money Makeover available to a far wider audience.

That means that My Money Makeover is priced to meet your current circumstances (which I know will improve greatly via this program). Instead of the £750 that my 'Loving Me, Loving My Money' students happily pay, you can get My Money Makeover for just £100 for the entire 10-week program, and it will change your life.

And Now It's Your Turn...

Now's the Time to Transform Your Money Management and Your Life.

Join Us Now in...

My Money Makeover
(Cash Crisis Edition)

May 18th - July 30th


You missed out!

Special Launch Price: only £100

Register Now Before We Close the Doors


You missed out!

Remember: It's proven, safe and quick - with support every step of the way.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 90 Days


If you follow and apply what I teach in this program it will transform your money management and your life. That is my genuine commitment to you. However, if you do follow this program openly and honestly as I teach it for a minimum of 90 days and you genuinely do not feel you have received at least the value of your enrolment fee, then please let me know and I will refund your investment, quibble-free.

Frequently asked questions

How is this program different from others?

My Money Makeover is different in three key ways:

  1. Using the 8 Money Types and your Money Story enables us to understand and manage our patterns and behaviours around money far more successfully, because we finally understand why we have believed and acted as we have around money, and learn how to do that much more successfully.
  2. This program isn't another 'DIY' course where you're left on your own. Our weekly coaching calls dive into what you're learning, answering your real-world questions as you put your new-found knowledge and routines into place in your life.
  3. You're going through this program with others, who help you, support you and encourage you along the way. My students often tell me what a difference it makes knowing that they are in a community of others with the same focus and goals.

Each of these elements, plus the way the whole program is more powerful in its complete form, means that you're getting a uniquely developed route that will enable you to become great at managing your money, so that you can enjoy all of your life more fully.

Will this program work for me and my current situation?

In a word, yes. I have taught and worked with thousands of people from all walks of life, from a wide spectrum of income and financial situations, and I can tell you with hand on heart that my approach works equally well across the board, provided you are fully able to give it your genuine focus.

What if I've struggled with money so far?

Almost all of us have picked up money issues through our lives. As a result, it's incredibly common to have a history of struggling

with money. Rest assured, I have seen just about every money situation there is - and I've lived through many of them. 

Most importantly, I can reassure you that if you've struggled with money so far, this program is especially suited for you, because it gets to the heart of what's been causing you to struggle in the past. (For most of us, these drivers are hidden.) And I make it easy and even enjoyable to move past those stumbling blocks once and for all, happily.

What if I get stuck or fall behind?

Firstly, the concepts and routines that I teach in My Money Makeover are simple to learn and easy to remember. (I make sure they stay that way.)

Of course, it's only natural to have questions. And if you have a question, chances are someone else does, too. That's why we have our weekly coaching calls and our friendly supportive community of your fellow students, where questions get answered all the time, in a friendly, encouraging way.

And My Money Makeover will be run at a pace that pretty much anyone can handle easily. You will want to, so that you get momentum and see the results you truly desire.

When will the live sessions be held?

Sessions will be at 7pm GMT on Tuesday evenings.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes - all sessions will be recorded securely and you will have private access.

How long will I have access to the online program materials?

You'll have full access for at least a year, and I have no plans to take it down at present.

Will there be a Facebook group?

Yes - you will be asked to join the 'Loving Me Loving My Money' Facebook group.

May I join with my partner?

I recommend this for partners but please note that the fee is £100 per participant, given my extensive input for the entire group of participants. Thanks for your integrity on this.

Am I able to promote my business with the other attendees?

We request that you do not directly promote your business whilst participating in My Money Makeover. The community is not for spamming or hustling; it is for support. We ask that you treat all participants and the nature of this program with that respect.

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