Couples Money Bootcamp

Financial intimacy is real and once you find it, you will take your relationship to the next level. This course will tell you how to GET IT and KEEP IT


My Money Makeover

The easy money management system that works… Your approach to money is the key to your success with it. What Will Money Mapping Give you?


Money Mapping System

My Money Makeover is a 10 week online course designed for anyone and everyone who wants to change how they think and feel about their money and, ultimately, what they do with their cash.


Loving me, loving my money

Loving Me, Loving My Money is THE course where you’ll work alongside a group of like-minded women to explore your feelings around money are focused on with even more importance than filling in the spreadsheet!

Coming soon!

1-1 Coaching

12 session programme to get you well on route for your Financial Adventure. In this programme you will focus on mindset and practical money management. You will learn how to put your Money Magician and Warrior firmly at the wheel of both your financial and your everyday life

From £5k, contact me to apply

Couples Money Coaching

Out beyond the ideas of wrongdoing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there – Rumi. In this 12 session programme learn how to talk about money, work with it together so that you can make and reach your financial goals peacefully. Prepare to change your relationship

From £6k, contact me to apply

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