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When two people with their own individual financial backgrounds come together they create a third money story between them. Yet how we feel, behave and respond to money is something we rarely speak about with our partner, particularly during the romantic honeymoon period. Instead the subject rears its ugly head at the wrong time, resulting in arguments, tension and regret. Money is the second biggest reason for divorce in our country. What if you could begin your marriage on the right financial foot, or rid your long term relationship of repetitive arguments over spending habits? Talk to me about how we can work together to turn you into a financially comfortable couple.

Become financially intimate

Money is the easiest thing to blame in a relationship. But often our finances aren’t actually the problem. Has your partner recently made a big purchase without checking with you first? Perhaps you’ve just discovered they have a lot of debt they’ve never told you about? Maybe you wish they would invest more in the house than just themself? Feelings like this can niggle away at the back of your mind for years, without you even realising they’re there, and often result in a stressful, guilt ridden or resentful household.


I have yet to come across a couple who are in total har-money. It’s all fine when you’re in the honeymoon phase and passion outweighs day to day life stresses. Then normality hits and we haven’t taken the time to learn about each other when it comes to money. Suddenly our finances, something we can’t avoid, becomes the seed to our growing problems. As you become more and more comfortable with your partner, you should become financially more comfortable and confident together; able to talk about your spending, savings and budget without anxiety, fear, guilt or jealousy. By taking the time to understand your own and your partner’s money story, whether you’re still in the honeymoon period or are many years down the line, you can take the first step towards becoming a financially comfortable couple.

What would I know?

Before I became a money coach, my own relationship with my husband wasn’t financially healthy. He wanted nothing to do with money and when I wanted him to change, he wouldn’t. Going through this coaching process ourselves has taught us so much about our own and each other’s approach to money. I asked my husband a little while ago “how do you feel now” and you know what he said? “Totally liberated”. You too could experience this liberation.


I have just had my sessions with Fanny, my personal Financial Freedom Fighter. I am one of those who would say that money and I do not go hand in hand. However, having worked with Fanny, she has helped me to see my relationship with money from a more positive and healthy perspective. From understanding my archetypes, to which one is in control when I contemplate or go to handover my card, to who needs to be paid first and how cost the services I provide. Working with her has really helped to shift my money pattern and helped me to realise ‘who’ and ‘what’ is more important. She has made a real difference. Thank you Fanny!

Maxine s


I booked my course with Fanny, with a certain level of inquisitiveness, “Do I really need this…aren’t I already successful? I’m already good with figures..” were some of the many questions I was asking myself. However my life was also at a distinct financial turning point, and Fanny’s wisdom was invaluable. She allowed me to face up to and discuss the money characteristics I had battled with since childhood, and more importantly accept them. This awakening offered me insight into parental traits I had picked up, and allowed me to address the concept of heading into the future with a clearer, happier vision of my relationship with money. Fanny will be a money mentor in my life for many years to come.

Simon B

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