Fixing your relationship with money...

I am a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® who can rid you of your old money habits and help you kindle a new, healthy relationship with your finances.

Each of us has our own money story. Whether you feel embarrassment, anxiety, jealousy, fear or just apathy around money. Maybe you can’t even bear to mention the subject, even to your partner. By understanding your story and improving your relationship with money, I can take you on a journey where you will feel in control, confident and comfortable with your finances.

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What’s your financial destination?

Are you looking to pay off debts, upsize your house, pay for a wedding, start investing or simply become more confident with your cash?

All you need is a money map, a compass to keep you on track, the right financial knowledge, and motivation and support to empower you along the way. Let’s go on a financial adventure together and see how easily and quickly we can, together, get you to your financial destination.


“Let’s go on a financial adventure together.”

How do you feel about money?


Is there always more month than money?

Are you leaving bills unopened?

Are you only paying the interest on your credit card each month?

Have you lapsed on your savings because you are not earning enough?

Do you worry that you won't be able to leave an inheritance for your children?

Money is the basis of many of our decisions in life. It’s an emotionally charged problem that’s with us 24/7. Yet we spend more time worrying about it than actually solving it. Either because we’re taught not to talk about money, or we’ve been brought up with negative money memories and connections.

Let’s get your financial relationship back on the right track and you’ll also witness an improvement in your relationship with your family, your work, your partner and yourself.  

Which money types are running your money life?

Do you know what your relationship with money is like? Sometimes we can be guided by our inner Innocent or Martyr, other days our Warrior is in the driving seat. Some mornings we wake up and our Victim is at the forefront. Knowing how to spot our traits and control our mindset revolutionises our relationship with money and allows us to become full time money Magicians.

Take The Money Type Quiz and learn how to become a Money Magician.

Coaching Tailored for You

Whether you are trying to build wealth by yourself, or would like to become more comfortable with your partner around money, my courses are tailored to suit your needs.

A better relationship with your money

Join a small group of likeminded money ladies online for 12 weeks of support and encouragement, bringing you and your money closer together.