What IS money coaching?

Are you puzzled as to what Money Coaching is? After all, it is a newish profession in the UK.

Ok so, money and the concept of it, often triggers strong reactions within us, creating patterns, beliefs and behaviours that seem to repeat, over and over. For example:

  • worrying about not having enough
  • comparing ourselves to others
  • overwhelm when we inherit or win money
  • feel undeserving of it
  • feel anxious and shameful that we are not able to manage it efficiently
  • jealousy, resentment, feeling powerless, seeking rescue
  • love hate, impulsive, daunted, indecisive etc

These are what we call our money characteristics or traits.

You see, money is so much more than numbers. We make big decisions as we go through life – buy or rent? Where? How much? Marriage, children’s education, where will we shop? What will we drive? etc.. and all of these decisions come from our heads but also – our hearts. It is impossible for us NOT to develop an emotional connection to money.

If we then think about what we learned from our parents and carers during our childhood – and how that affected us, it can make our world with money a pretty tough place at times. Sometimes, we don’t even realise exactly how we have been affected, but we do know that we just don’t feel “right” or comfortable when it comes to certain situations with money.

Money Coaching works to split our emotional thoughts around money from our logical thoughts. It works to discover your key characteristics around money – and which of them work with you, and which hold you back. Then the coaching works to enhance the characteristics or traits that help and serve you with money, and allows you to challenge the behaviours and repeated patterns that hold you back from financial wellbeing.

It helps us to make well thought out, logical decisions rather than decisions based on any emotional baggage we hold onto from childhood and early adulthood.

Who is Money Coaching for?

  • Life changing times – like divorce, bereavement or maybe a change of career. You may find yourself needing to work within different goalposts. Maybe you have never had to look after money before. Money Coaching is great at empowering you to take control with confidence.
  • Fed-up-ness – when you have felt uncomfortable or dissatisfied with money and you are not sure why. You can’t work out why there is constantly more month than money. Finding and challenging unwanted characteristics can be life changing and so rewarding, giving the coachee an increased sense of financial wellbeing.
  • Life planning – making goals in business and life seems to be the big thing right now, as is making financial goals. Behaviour around money can make making financial goals tricky to make – let alone working to achieve them. Understanding and bringing down those emotional barriers works wonders for goal achieving.
  • lack of synchronicity with your partner with money. We all have our OWN triggers. We all have our OWN beliefs about money. Many divorces are literally over money. Money Coaching for couples is a wonderful experience where your financial intimacy will be found and established through mutual understanding and lasting agreements.
  • if none of the above sounds like you, but you are intrigued, ask your self these questions and see what thoughts come up: What is my earliest money memory? When I think about money it makes me feel…….? How do I feel about Christmas and money? Am I matched well with my partner regarding my beliefs and hopes around money? Do I carry my money traits into my business? Am I at ease with money at all times? – if not, when am I not and why? Could I have a conversation about money with anyone who chooses to raise it, comfortably?

How does it work?

The Money Coaching process involves in session coaching, either in person or online.

We work through a number of exercises that will highlight the positive and negative characteristics you have with money. We will then build a plan, giving you clear practical actionable “small but significant” steps to change.

You will be introduced to 8 Money Archetypes – each of which has particular traits and characteristics that you may recognise in yourself. The Archetypes, not being WHO you are but WHERE you are with money, are then used to identify your particular behaviour with money. Negative behaviour, or a behaviour of an unwanted Money Archetype is then recognized and named – and if you can name it, you can change it!

The Core Process programme described is 4 sessions and very affordable. There is also a money back guarantee if you are not happy with the process. There is homework to do and a readiness to change is required.

I am passionate about helping people work better with their money. I am in love with the fact that I can, and have, helped people to see that money is more than a numbers game and, by understanding that, financial wellbeing and financial freedom is well within sight.

If you think Money Coaching could be for you…

The first step is to take the Money Type Quiz. This will give you a snapshot of where you are and what Archetypes are working with you and your money today. It is free and the results are sent through to you directly.

You can then book in for a free 30-minute consultation with me. This is where we talk over the results. You can, if you wish, tell me where you are now with money, where you would like to be and what you think is holding you back. My aim is to give you valuable help to take away during that call.

I will also explain a little more about the packages I offer, my work and affiliation with the Money Coaching Institute and that I am a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® and we can consider whether we would like to work with each other.

The consultation is in total confidence, without judgment and a safe place to say what you may not have said to anybody before.

Here is the link to the Money Type Quiz – Money Quiz Click Here. You may take the quiz as often as you like – good days, bad days and any in-between.

Thank you for reading this rather lengthy post. I would really appreciate your comments and your thoughts.

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