Start the Year With a Smile

I am giving 2021 a huge welcome!  How about you? How did 2020 pan out for you? Was it a total disaster or did you come through it with success and prosperity?  My year was a bit of each but the big win for me was what I learned.  My intention is to take that learning into 2021 and beyond.  

So what did I learn?  I learned that the more I absorbed the news the more I felt down and miserable generally.  I learned that misery and fear were as infectious as COVID itself.  I was not prepared to be a part of it and decided to look in a different direction.  

I turned off all mainstream media  in the summer and instead signed up to Positive News ( a digital and print quarterly magazine that reports the positive stuff going on in the world – and there is loads of it I can assure you.   

The first article I came across informed me about a charity called Action for Happiness and how they run a course which teaches people to focus on happiness.  The result – they were happier!  Hurrah!  I was onto a winner.

Money is blamed as a big cause of unhappiness.  The subject is surrounded by negative connotations.  Have you ever said that you would be happy if you won the lottery or had more money, bigger house, new car etc?  Maybe you are in debt so find it hard to view money positively?

Money loves attention and if you give your money positive attention it is inevitable that your situation will improve.   If we resent our money, we stop ourselves from enjoying it.  But we can flip that thinking around.  Rather than switching a light on without thinking, take a moment to consider how wonderful it is that we have electricity.  Another example is that we get to pay for our water which allows us to enjoy a seamingly endless supply of it. 

Money gets a bad press but where would we be without it?  It is a tool that we all have access to.  

If you are looking at money negatively try giving it some love.  Create a household budget so that you are clear on the amount of money coming in and going out.  Getting clear on this may tell you that you need to earn more or spend less, but at least now you have more clarity so that you can move forward.   How about taking a free course online to give you more skills to get a better job?  Start a side hustle?  Sell unwanted stuff on Ebay?   If you need to trim your spending work out how much you can save by cutting the Costa coffee for a while, or saving a bit by buying supermarket brand food. 

Working with your money rather than against it will give you a happier experience, I promise. Choosing to approach your finances with a positive mindset will help improve them for sure.  If you need help with getting started with your budget google “budget template” or simply start tracking your spending using an app like Money Dashboard.  Happy 2021 to you all.